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Somehow I deleted the track of our first day. Which is a shame because it would be neat to know how long it took us to get down Anima Nipissing with a tail wind. And also it would have shown us futzing about on Red Squirrel looking for a campsite.

For what it's worth I have uploaded a GPX file of day 2, 3 and 4.

In addition to the GPS I travelled with the Chrismar Adventure Map for Northeastern Temagami.

The route - or a version of it - is also described here on MyCCR.

And for solid background, crowd-sourced intelligence and wilderness advocacy you can't go wrong at Ottertooth.

Route redux

Day Destination Total Distance (km) Portages Average speed Travel time
Planned Actual Count Length (m)
Day 1 Red Squirrel Lake 21 21 (approx) 2 1490 4 km/h (approx) 5h00m (approx)
Day 2 Turner Lake 25 24.5 5 3850 3 km/h 7h09m
Day 3 Anima Nipissing Lake 17 16.2 8 4750 3km/h 6h14m
Day 4 Ottawa 11 10.2 0 0 5 km/h 2h11m
Totals: 74 73.5 15 10090

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