Touring Temagami

Day 7

Tues. August 3rd, 11:30am, Highway 11 South, 80km north of North Bay

Yay! We did it. And the car is working and we've not forgotten anything and we're very pleased with ourselves.

We went to bed around 9pm last night, the tent keeping all our stuff protected. It didn't rain any more overnight, but the next morning all around us was still wet, and Diamond Lake was shrouded in fog.

We tried to give tent fly and tarp a chance to dry - we still had a couple of portages - but we wanted to get moving. Despite getting up 45 minutes earlier, we were only on the water five minutes ahead of our normal time.

We made it back to Ferguson Bay without any complications just before 11am. There were a lot of people camped at the sites between Diamond and Ferguson. All had long clothes lines and the campers were doing all measure of things to try to get dry.

There we faced our date with automotive destiny. Would the car still squeal when it moved? Irene turned the ignition, took off the emergency break, lifted her foot off the clutch. Oh happy day! I'd been doing the what-ifs all through the trip: walk to Wanapitei, find a mechanic, hope they'll tell us it's safe to drive, hope they'll be able to fix it. Hope they won't be in Toronto.

All irrelevant.

We put our gear in the car, put the canoe on the roof, and trundled off. We stopped at the picnic area at Pimisi Bay. It's a nice place to stop and eat. Shaded picnic tables overlooking a lake. And of course, we stopped in Deep River at the Laurentian Dairy Bar for ice cream.

We were back in Ottawa by around 6:30pm or so to discover a rather nasty problem with our house. But that's another story.

stripslashes(I like spiderwebs about as much as I like rainbows it seems.)

I like spiderwebs about as much as I like rainbows it seems.

stripslashes(Diamond Lake detail.)

Diamond Lake detail.

stripslashes(Sunrise on Diamond Lake)

Sunrise on Diamond Lake