Touring Temagami


Ferguson Bay, to Lady Evelyn, Maple Mountain and back, via the Lady Evelyn River

A trip report from Irene and my seven day trip to Temagami, between July 28 and August 3, 2004.

Our route took us to two of Temagami's more famous sites: Maple Mountain, the Lady Evelyn River, 119km of lakes, rivers, portages and a hiking trail in seven days. This is a popular route through a not very remote part of Temagami. We had planned it as an eight day trip, but once we got there we decided to do it in seven.

These pages contain the (chatty, not terribly organized) trip log, route information food information (coming soon) and, of course what you're really looking for, the photos.

The trip, in seven bullet points:


This is not an advice site and I am not an expert. I can think of a number of things we did and places we went where, if you put a foot wrong, or did something stupid, you could really hurt yourself. If you want to go canoe tripping and have never done it before, join a club, hire a guide, but don't rely on the advice on this site.

stripslashes(Happy patrons of the Temagami thunderstorm theatre)

Happy patrons of the Temagami thunderstorm theatre

stripslashes(Detail, Diamond Lake sunset)

Detail, Diamond Lake sunset

stripslashes(Fat Man\'s Falls, Lady Evelyn River)

Fat Man's Falls, Lady Evelyn River