Glossary of terms:

90km: total distance we figure we covered. Actual estimates vary from 80 to 100km.

Blueberries: multi-purpose camping food. Can't ever have enough, really. Pick or perish.

Boathouse: gated community on pontoons. Easily confused with a houseboat.

Campsite: wilderness marketing opportunity. Business card repository.

Citronella: convenient cologne substitute. May make you less attractive to mosquitos. Or not.

Firewood: be sure to collect enough. And it's never too early to start looking. After all, it's not that heavy.

Houseboat: gated community on pontoons. Easily confused with a boathouse.

J-stroke: standard bow stroke with a straight outward correction just before the recovery phase. Performed in the stern to steer the canoe. Really. I mean it.

Kybo bag: yellow rubber enclosure that contains an alarmingly small amount of toilet paper.

Loons: semi-flighted birds believed to have legs.

Mon petit coin: moving sanctuary, moment of acute dermal vulnerability. See also treasure box.

Murphy: one cynical bastard. Seems to have a lot of things sussed out. May be in league with the spirits.

Muskol: industrial strength solvent and poison. Avoid contact with exposed skin, clothing, plastic or, well, anything.

Plan: don't make them. They will only lead to disappointment.

Rain: Good for crops. Why we can't make it so that it only falls on crops, I don't know. Mood ruiner for many people.

Rambo Trip: wilderness excursion which puts less of a premium on comfort and more of a premium on exertion as in: "they blindfolded him, hopped in the sea plane, and flew north. They dumped him in a marsh, leaving him with only with a tin can, an axe and a blanket. As they flew off, the navigator said to the pilot, 'Shit I forgot to remove the handcuffs.' Frank's Rambo Trip had begun."

Spirits: only partially sadistic with their application of weather patterns. Not easily appeased.

Treasure box: Kybo. Outhouse. Pleasure palace. Loo. Crapper. Ick. If unavailable you can always find Ton Petit Coin.

Wing nut: Ancient canoe tripping totemic curse. As in: "he bears the mark of the wing nut. It will follow him always."


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