7/19/2000 8:55pm
Wakamika Lake

We paddled an hour or two the wrong way today, so we didn’t put in till about 7pm, half a lake away from where we were supposed to be. However we picked a lot of blueberries. “Everything happens for a reason,” Dennis said. And going off course gave us the chance to take a break and pick berries.

We put in at a windward beach site just inside the entrance to Wakamika Lake, across the channel from a group from Camp Hollyburn, that we’d been playing tag with since lunch time.

The site isn’t great but we were running out of light. There’s a nice beach for swimming, though.

We had two portages today. They were the equivalent of about 900m but they were cut in half by a small puddle-like lake. The first bit was awful. It started with a 20m stretch of rock hopping. A sharp up hill followed with a stroll over a clear rock face without any indication of where the trail actually was. The next bit was a relatively steep, rocky descent. At one point I had to practically sit down (wearing a canoe) and swing my leg down to the next step. A bad portage.

Dennis was more energetic today in his defence of the no-load method of portaging, insisting on the three-person rule: two people hold up a pack or a canoe for the third person to put on. The pack-carrier then spots the others. This way all us old fogies preserve our backs etc. It's quite sensible really.

It was going good, except Luke lost the trail and dropped his stuff somewhere else, other than where the portage was supposed to end. Ah well. However canoe tripping is about ‘dealing with adversity’ and all involved dealt with this little bit, besides which it was sunny all day today. And it’s easier to Deal With Adversity™ when it’s sunny.

Dennis’ food is staggeringly good. We started with cream of leek soup followed by tofu faijtas (chicken for everyone else) and fruit salad (made with fresh fruit).


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