7/20/2000 11:30pm
Obabika Lake

Sun. Endless sun. Okay, well, endless sun before noon. Breakfast of french toast with maple syrup or jam or banana or all three. We started out across relatively calm waters only to find it clouding over by the time we were leaving Wakamika Lake.

We had to paddle along a fairly narrow river to get to Obabika Lake. There were several hop, hope and drag portages. But no one capsized or got major soakers. Though there were some lovely mud patches.

Meanwhile the group seems to be pulling together as a whole. Every one seems to be getting into the rythym of the trip. We're much more able to recognize what needs to be done and we do it. We didn’t have any portages today. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Naw.

After the river we paddled on to Obabika Lake. We stopped for lunch and went on a hike through a stand of old-growth pine. They were staggeringly big. We climbed up to a lookout along a steep trail where we came upon a site where a number of aboriginals had tied a bunch of ribbons to trees as a memorial of sorts. One ribbon had fallen down. Dennis put it back up to try to appease the spirits so that they would quit with the rain.

We thought the gathering of about two dozen loons in the middle of Obabika might also have been a sign from the spirits. I insisted it was just the annual loon convention.

We paddled to a pebble beach site on Lake Obabika that was a tad too close to the Hollyburn people, but it was getting late and we needed to get out of the rain.

Temagami is a wierd place. It’s not a park. Portages and camp sites don't have signs like they do in Algonquin but in some ways it’s more hospitable to visitors. For example, on that site someone had buried a copper pipe into the ground to channel water from a spring into a pool on the beach. So we had spring water from a spout. Never get that in the land of landscaped portages.

That night we gabbed and made jokes about Luke going over to the Hollyburn site and making a connection with one of the counsellors who’d been waving rather fervently at us earlier.


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