Friday July 21, 5pm
Obabika Inlet

Shattered. Utterly shattered. I’m sitting here in the tent writing this, drenched in sunscreen, while outside the world (or my world) is being drenched in water. Unreal. From scorching hot to shreiking downpour in 30 minutes. I put all my wet stuff out to dry, poked my head in the tent for a few minutes and when I came out it was cloudy. I then start picking up my stuff, and just as the last of it was away, it started raining.

Truth be told, I should not have got my hopes up. The day started out overcast and by the time we did the portage, it had started to rain. So when it cleared up it was a bonus. I shouldn't have taken sunny weather as a right.

It’s wierd to sit here and listen to waves of rain. It comes, it goes. It patters, it pours. It’s especially wierd since Dennis is out there prepping dinner without a tarp.

Anyway, today took us from Obabika Lake to Obabika Inlet where the campsites are crap. We did our longest portage, 940m, which was much anticipated but seemed like nothing (to me anyway) Andy is crashed beside me here in the Wanderer Two Safe Haven. I wonder what he thought of it.

We saw a baby bear eating a fish today. Tried to sneak up to it, but we weren’t going to get close enough to get photos of it. (Where there’s baby there’s momma.) It was very cute, though.

Ah well, I suppose I should bite the bullet and get out there to help. What a pisser.


By the time I got all my rain gear back on, the rain had stopped and everyone (including Dennis) had gone in.

The camp site was in an area that had burnt in a 1980 forest fire so none of the trees were big enough to hang a tarp from. This made it much harder for Chez Denis to open, but he just soldiered on, even putting together care packages for us to nibble on in our tents while we waited for the weather to break. Later he did this astoundingly good penne in tomatoe and cheese sauce with sausage (tofu for me).

Eventually the rain stopped and the bugs came on in earnest. We sat around a fire, burning lots of firewood and we yapped til about 10pm when everyone ran for cover.


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