Temagami Wilderness Trip, July 2000

Yesterday I woke up feeling an urge to disassemble my bed frame and pack it into something. My gear is still airing on the deck, but I figure I should get going on this trip report thing.

This is a description of an Ottawa Outing Club canoe trip I took from July 17 to 23rd, in the Temagami wilderness area. Temagami is a six-ish hour drive north and west of Ottawa, past North Bay. The club itself appears to no longer be operating.

When I think of vacation, I think of something that will vacate your mind of all the things that trouble you. Canoe trips have always done that for me. Immersed in the wilderness, you become completely consumed with the journey itself. Even the most banal activities like finding shelter, cooking and eating becomes an all-consuming adventure. Stay out long enough and you'll even forget your name.

Use the navigation bar above or use the links below to read my (unabashedly subjective) report on the trip and see the pictures.

Other trips I've taken

Turner Lake Loop, Temagami
A four day trip, a variation on Hap Wilson Number 9, the Turner Lake Loop, September 2012.
Carlyle, David, Killarney Lake loop
A route that got us to some must-see places and got me to some lakes I'd never seen. We had our normal, four days, wanted a loop trip, and wanted to climb Silver Peak, September 2011.
Carl Wilson Lake loop
I had a free weekend with both Mallory and Irene out of town. First time. Ever. So I pulled out my maps and looked for something simple. I settled on Algonquin and picked out this loop trip from Cedar Lake, to Carl Wilson Lake and around the other way, July 2011.
Chiniguchi: Laura Creek loop
The Chiniguchi River region despite all that driving for a four day trip. Mostly because I’ve never been there and a lot of people say it’s beautiful. They're right, September 2010.
Cedar-Hogan-Catfish loop
Martin said he had never done any canoeing, but he thought he might like to come along on the next one I did. “Seriously?” I asked, September 2009.
Kiosk-Mouse-Maple Loop
A three day trip starting from Algonquin Park’s Kiosk access point, looping through Waterclear, Mouse, Erables and Maple Lakes, September 2007.
Ishpatina Ridge, Temagami
This is the gripping tale of how five intrepid canoeists climbed the highest point in Ontario. We overcame storms, isolation, hypoxia and a lot of mud in our quest to summit the famed and feared Ishpatina Ridge, in the northwest part of the Temagami wilderness area, September 2005.
Gros Morne National Park
Gros Morne is an astounding place. It's spectacularly beautiful. It boggles my mind that more isn't written about it and that it isn't entirely overrun by wilderness seekers. We spent two weeks and two days there, August 2005.
Bonnechere River
The story of six Y Canoe Club members' attempt to travel the length of the Bonnechere River, from its source at McKaskill Lake in Algonquin Park, all the way to Round Lake. We'd expected to do it in six days, May 2005.
Western Uplands
f what was meant to be the Big Trout Lake loop with four members of the National Capital Region YMCA/YWCA Canoe Camping Club. It didn't exactly work out that way, November 2004.
Barron Canyon
A weekend canoe trip I took with five other YCCC members though the southeast end of Algonquin Park, from Grand Lake to Squirrel Rapids through the Barron Canyon, November 2004.
Our route took us to two of Temagami's more famous sites: Maple Mountain, the Lady Evelyn River, 119km of lakes, rivers, portages and a hiking trail in seven days, July-August 2004.
Echo Lake, Papineau-Labelle
A pleasant, relaxing weekend to enjoy good company, explore a new to us place and give the gear an outing before our longer trip, July 2004.
Kiss the rock Palmers again.
This is a short tale of my two day whitewater training weekend at Palmer Rapids with the National Capital Region Y Canoe Camping Club, June 2004.
Cedar - Burntroot Loop
Four day solo trip starting from Cedar Lake, September, 2003.
The North Boundary Loop
A ten day canoe trip around Killarney Provincial Park with my partner Irene Jansen in late July, early August 2003.
The Kiosk Loop
I did a canoe trip through the north end of Algonquin Park, with my partner Irene Jansen in June 2003.
Palmer Rapids
I spent a weekend learning to paddle whitewater with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club at Palmer Rapids on the Madawaska River in May 2003.
Killarney Thanksgiving
I did a canoe trip with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club in Killarney Park in October 2003.
Bruce Trail trip
I did a hiking trip with two friends along the north end of the Bruce Trail, near Tobermory in August 2002.
French River trip
I did a canoe trip with the National Capital YMCA Canoe Camping Club in July 2002 along the French River.
Georgian Bay trip
I did a canoe/kayaking trip with the Ottawa Outing Club in August 2001 along the northeast end of the bay near the Bustard Islands.
Killarney trip
I did a canoe trip with some friends in Killarney Provincial Park in July 2001. Here’s my trip report.


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