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Gros Morne trip log posted

From the What I did on my summer holidays department, I bring you my Gros Morne Park trip report. Two weeks of hiking, camping, and sleeping in beds. Can you imagine? Irene and I had a great time, once we got our luggage. Read the report.

Bonnechere River Trip

Canoe scraping through shallow river
About a week ago I got back from a six day trip down the Bonnechere River in Algonquin Park. Now, most people do the lower section, from Basin Depot to Round Lake. Not us. Uh uh. We did the whole thing, right from McKaskill Lake... with a few variations. Ahem. Read the report.

Risk and the great outdoors

A while ago I posted a journal of a trip I did with three other Y Canoe Camping Club members in Algonquin Park in late November. You can read the whole thing but the jist of it is this: we had planned a canoe trip, but found the lakes too iced over for paddling and so we went hiking instead. And some people were pretty outraged by that.

Winter camping by mistake

It was supposed to be a three day canoe trip to Big Trout Lake, via Macintosh and the Otterslides in Algonquin Park. Didn't work out that way. Mind you, it was the last weekend in November. Read the report.

The Fugawi of the Adirondacks

There's this stupid joke that aboriginal peoples' original name for the Europeans was 'Fugawi' because everywhere they went they'd say "we're the fugawi!"

Har har har. On Saturday they were talking about me.

Today, my arms are criss-crossed by tiny scratches and welts that resemble some form of strange ritual scarring.

On Saturday I climbed my first Adirondacks high peak.

Check out the pictures.