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Packed and ready to go

bunch of crap by the door

Have I missed anything? Hope not. I’m mostly ready to go. Of course the last thing is computer related. I managed to wipe out the virtual machine I use to get route and map info on my (more or less)…

So I am planning a canoe trip for this fall

Cheap excuse to use a picture I know I have It isn't even spring yet. Well, not really. But if I want to contemplate any of Ontario's provincial parks, you have to go now because you must reserve five months in advance. It'll likely be four days, two people. I'd like to visit at least one lake I've never been. My paddling partner's pretty easy going about where we go, but the usual qualifications about scenery, non-suicidal exertion apply.

Old Macdonald had a canoe

Mallory all ready to go We were on our way out to Lac La Pêche yesterday afternoon, the canoe strapped on top of the car, paddles, PFDs and what not stuffed in the back, listening to Mallory singing.