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Back from Killarney

Silver Peak I'll have a full report soon, but I wanted to say re-bonjour to the internet after my server also decided to take the weekend off. I'm looking into the causes and the solutions. Apologies to all whose websites I host and who missed my blog.

What have I forgotten?

Tomorrow is an early morning and a long drive to Killarney Provincial Park. The car's packed. The boat is strapped onto the roof. Hope them foam blocks hold. Hope I haven't forgotten anything. Hope the weather's good. Hope the route is navigable.

Foam blocks? Check. Spatula? Check

Next weekend my friend Martin and I are off to Killarney Park. Our third annual fall canoe trip. I'm very excited. I was trolling the gear shops in the west end for bits and pieces of gear, including foam blocks to put the canoe on the roof of the rental.

As kid-focused and limited as it was

This weekend's trip really did whet my appetite for this September's canoe trip with my friend Martin. We're going to Killarney Park this time. Something of a re-do of trips I've done before, but we're going through some terrain I've never seen and Killarney is so beautiful I could go there a million times and not be bored of it.

Frontenac Park, Site cluster 5

We're back from three nights and four days at Frontenac Park. We had a lovely time. Select photos below. Some random notes before I fade off to sleep.