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Weekend in Frontenac Provincial Park

Shoulder rideIrene, Mallory and I had booked a weekend in Frontenac Provincial Park but my father died and the only weekend we could schedule for the memorial happened to be the one we'd booked in Frontenac.

How far can you go in a day

Another canoe tripping question. Trip planning is fun but there's too many variables, I tell you. And if you're travelling in one of Ontario's managed parks, it matters how far you can go every day because you have to book into a particular lake for each night of the trip.

Looking for kid-friendly Algonquin interior destinations

We've thought of Achray. We're headed to the park (we hope) in August, and were hoping to keep crowds to a dull roar. We're willing to do a couple of short portages (aka less than 500m each). We'll be coming from Ottawa and driving four or five hours is about as much as the family can tolerate.