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Achray to Squirrel Rapids

Detail, Opalescent Lake

The 2023 Dad-Daughter Canoe Trip I look upon all stages of my daughter’s life with joy and wonder. But this latest one is also quite handy. See this summer kiddo was a counsellor and trip guide at Camp Northway. Which…

Algonquin Park: Cedar – Catfish – Hogan – Burntroot – Nipissing

Morning, Burntroot Lake
The first time I did this route I saw and heard more wildlife than I'd ever experienced. It's a four day foray as deep into the park and as far away from the human-inhabited parts as you can get. So it makes sense that it would be thus. But the second time I did this route I saw nothing bigger than a chipmunk. Nonetheless I figured my burgeoning canoe-tripping pro daughter should experience this trip for its remoteness. If we saw big wild animals, it would be a bonus.

Five great days in Algonquin Park

Petawawa River

My daughter and I have started a tradition it seems. This is the second year the two of us have gone canoe tripping. This year we decide to go a bit bigger since we were trying to make up for…

Kiosk – Mouse – Maple: twelve years later

In 2007 my loving partner offered to look after our toddler while I got back in the canoe for a few days. This is the story of me doing the same trip I did all those years ago. Only this…