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So the world may be headed to heck in a handbasket

But I had so much fun with #TellVicEverything that I'm okay with it for now. Tomorrow, I'll be right back at it working to lessen the stupid and increase the peace but I'm still chuckling over the fun Twitter had at the expense of someone who by all accounts deserves the ridicule he got.

The census is invasive, but warrant-less monitoring of internet use is not?

Is it me or do the Tories seem like they're trying to suck and blow at the same time? Perhaps not, because of course the mandatory census is done as an issue. So now they can enact legislation that would require ISPs to install snoop ware and would allow police access to ISP subscriber information without a warrant.

So I’m doing this content inventory at work

I hit 400 pages today. I'm maybe 25 per cent of the way there. If I had my druthers I think about 380 of them would be kept near-line if not deleted. Of course I'm working my way through a part of the site that's rife with disposable content. Namely bulletins about various rounds of bargaining.

Urgent action required: remember you are not your audience

Mailchimp A/B stats report
Mailchimp A/B stats reportI send and receive a fair number of appeals for online actions. And I see phrases like "Act now" or "Urgent! Your help needed" a lot and I admit if I ever have any control over it, I usually edit them out. Especially if they're in the subject line or any other essential bit of the message.

Content inventory: what if it all just “went away”?

The flagship site at work - the one I'm mainly responsible for - needs a complete overhaul. Near as I can tell, it's more than 3500 static pages composed mostly of little news nugget items about various rounds of bargaining between us and the various employers who sit across the table from us. But there's other stuff too, hidden in the catacombs of landing pages and listing pages that litter the server.