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Death to slogans

Blank placardThe title of this post is, in fact, a slogan. But I’m thinking slogans are verbal dead weight in the internet era. What harm would it do us to just cut them all out and put content up front?

Is Heartbleed really as bad as all that?

Okay so there is a vulnerability in OpenSSL. And that’s bad. But the extent of alarmist rubbish out there about it is making me bonkers. This Globe piece is not the worst. But here’s a thought for you. Vulnerabilities are…

Comment trolls might just be NSA agents

Or CSIS, CSEC or whatever. Glen Greenwald (The Intercept) has this item on some of the Snowden docs which would seem to be a training manual on how to discredit targets online. See How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to…

So I’m looking for a remote backup solution

I thought I had found one with my service provider iWeb but their application only copies whole devices. And I need to exclude some of the directories on my devices. Because I don't want to pay for a backup of a backup.