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Temagami tree trip

At a certain point, I thought Martin should really see the trees. This trip is probably the most popular route in all of Temagami. When I first got back into canoe tripping in my 30s it was the first trip I did. I went with a guide and spent a considerably longer time doing it. But when I mapped it out, it seemed eminently do-able in four days. It had been 15 years since I’d been there. Was I right about the distances? Would it still be the same?

Temagami: Turner Lake Loop

Sandy Inlet, Ferguson Bay, TemagamiAnother year, another canoe trip. This year Martin and I went to Temagami, starting on Anima Nipissing Lake and looping down to Red Squirrel, across Ferguson Bay, up Whitefish Bay, through Aston and into Turner Lakes, returning via Eagle, Little Eagle and Whitewater. If you don't know the area none of this will mean anything to you. But give the report a read. You might still like it.

Temagami, here we come

The canoe is on the car roof. The car is packed full of stuff. Tomorrow at 5am it's up and out of here for four days. This year Martin and I are going to Temagami. More specifically, Anima Nipissing Lake. We're doing Hap Wilson Number 9, the Turner Lake Loop, which Hap describes as "a bit of a work trip but well worth the slugging over the portages." So wish us luck.