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To bell or not to bell

A multi-use path: bell if necessary but only if necessary

I was biking through the arboretum the other day on my way back from a jaunt through Gatineau Park, enjoying relatively warm weather and a leisurely pace as befits a multi-user pathway typically chock full of pedestrians, dog walkers and…

Cycling safety: attitudes before infrastructure

Spring Hill, Not Farmer's Way

There I was, riding south down Farmers Way. I was doing a workout, going somewhere between 36 and 40km/h — half the posted speed limit — in the middle of the southbound lane. If you don’t happen to know Farmers’…

For better cycling infrastructure

1968 looks like a good year for infrastructure
I am going to lose friends for saying this but I never ride the Laurier Bike Lane. I hate it. I want to see actual, safe cycling infrastructure in Ottawa, not just narrow channels designed to keep us from impeding the progress of car traffic.

Introducing the Idaho stop

Aka Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights. It’s not totally nuts you know. I like the point that it would put an end the odd dance that occurs when motorist and…