Ashton – 87.87km

A sunny chilly day for a ride. Shorts, tights, overbooties, shirt, mid-layer, windbreaker, light gloves, nothing under the helmet. The route was a bit of an experiment. I've gone out to Ashton before but for some reason have never tried to make a loop out of it. I learned four things.

Blackburn Hamlet: 44.85km, 1 hour 40 minutes

And so it begins. Rideau Lakes seems a long way away and Kingston a very daunting destination. But it was a lovely day today. Lots of riders out. But uh... 26km/hr average. I have some training to do.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, June 7-8, 2003

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour: the Schwinn sadly misunderstood

A bike journey where the path is marked doesn't lend itself to a typical trip narrative. Or rather the sort of narrative it lends itself to would go sort of like this: I got on the bike in Ottawa. I started pedalling. I turned when they said turn. When I got to Kingston, I stopped. The next day, I got on the bike and came back.