Pakenham, 137km, five hours, six minutes

Dear Garmin BaseCamp, when I say 'avoid dirt roads' I mean it. Also: no illegal left turns, please. BaseCamp, Garmin's mapping software, sent me down about 7km of dirt roads and asked me to take two illegal left turns.

Almonte: 122km, 4:42 hours

Great day for a ride. Sunny, 16 degrees, winds mostly polite if not obliging. And I made a new 'neat road' discovery.

Bib 183, riding the Cruise

I just got my confirmation for the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour today - in the email. Bravo, Ottawa Bicycle Club. You've made it to the age of email. As snarky as that sounded, I would appreciate the efforts the club staff and volunteers make if they sent their confirmations on hand-inscribed vellum or stone tablets. It's an amazing event and I'm glad to be doing it again this year.

Winchester, 121km, 4hrs 25 minutes

In Winchester That ramped it up a bit. Distance wise anyway. I must figure out what to do with my upper body to avoid stiffness and other discomfort in my neck, back and shoulders. Lately I've been repeating my excellent yoga teacher's instructions for tadasana: stretch up through the top of the head to lengthen the spine, descend the shoulder blades, press the navel back.

Champlain lookout – 57km, 2 hours 15 minutes

My first ride up to Champlain lookout this year. A gorgeous evening and the parkway was just clogged with riders. I really liked seeing all the people out on bikes. Coming down the Pink Lake hill I encountered a huge…