Rideau Lakes: home again home again jiggedy jog

I remember the first time I did the Rideau Lakes Cycle tour in 2001. When I got home my hands were so stiff from holding the handle bars it took both of them to turn the key in my apartment building's lock. I'm doing much better now.

A universe of little things

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour: End of Day 1, feeling tired
20130608-163947.jpgI made it to Kingston. I have done this a bunch of times before so it's not really a huge surprise. But I remind myself that as I get older this is going to get harder, not easier.

A long bike ride, then another one

That's all it is. So why am I always so nervous before doing the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour? Well - just think about all the stuff that can break on a bike. Spokes. Inner tubes. Derailleur cables. And my road bike is no spring chicken, let me tell you.

Totally fried, totally overjoyed

Congratulations Daddy from Mallory
Congratulations Daddy from Mallory I got back home from the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour this afternoon and this was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. It was Mallory's idea. My heart burst. And not because of the whole six hours and forty minutes of cycling thing.


So that went well. Mostly. I rode off at 6:40am and got in by 2pm. Maybe I am slowing down in my old age or maybe I need the speed monitor. See it wasn't working for most of the day. It was driving me nuts. And maybe I need the numbers to push me along.

Metcalfe again this time with rain and a flat tire – 97km

Three hours and fifteen minutes of my three and a half hour ride today were doused with rain. I would prefer to not bike in the rain, but this morning was the time I'd set aside and there was no changing it. I reckoned it was part of the attitude training also required for Rideau Lakes. After all, if it's raining next weekend they're not going to delay it. You just have to go do it.