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How to steal rides from winter part 1: hands

45Nrth Draugenclaw Pogies
I like to keep riding outside as long as I can. Road salt, snow and ice-covered roads are hard limits for me. But temperature is a moveable one. It's quite easy to keep your core warm. And whoever heard of cold thighs. So shorts under tights and enough base layers to make you feel like a merino onion. But what to do about hands and feet?

Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves – barely there

Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves

It’s clearout season at all the gear stores. They’re making way for warm wooly stuff for winter, which means one can find deals on summer gear. Like another pair of fingerless gloves. Usually sizing and colour selection is a bit…

Bike gloves – hide the liver spots

Nose wipe? I ask you
Wherein I review all the warm weather, fingerless gloves I've ever used and wrecked. Including some I hope I don't wreck for a long, long time.