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And the farm is sold

The laneway at the farm
Quite a pleasant surprise, really. I was expecting it to take a lot longer, but we were able to ride the new listing wave of interest all the way to a sale. I would like to thank our real estate agents Barb McLeod and Peter Kennedy for their great advice and hard work. Barb especially became property manager for the place to get it ready to sell. I fear she sort of lived there for a while, ushering in various contractors as well as showing the property to people.

For sale: 1870s farm house near Alton, Ontario

Beautiful 1870s farmhouse in Caledon, ON It's official. We're selling the farm. It's a beautiful four bedroom home on 38 acres of rural property in Caledon, Ontario. The front lot is full of forty year old pine, spruce and tamarack. You arrive via a 300m lane way, lined with stately, 100 year old maple trees.

House for sale

House for sale in Overbrook, Ottawa. Lovely view We've listed our house and there's now a sign on the lawn and everything. There's an open house this Sunday and we've got a bunch of showings scheduled tomorrow.

We have a new house. Want to buy the old one?

Today we waived the conditions on the house that we conditionally bought Monday. We're very excited. We were over there for the building inspection today and were talking about paint colours, could we live with the kitchen, etc, etc, thinking about all the things we need to do before we move in.