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Outrage and shame over Québec City shooting

There is a meme going round the internet for a couple of years now showing the faces of several American terrorists — the white man who opened fire on the audience of a Batman movie. The white man who opened…

N-word Rapids – get racism off the map

No racist geography Get Nigger Rapids off of Google Maps

I was planning a bike ride on my favourite route planning app when I came across a rather shocking site. There is a place marked on Google Maps — don’t think it even has a population count — south of Maniwaki Québec called N–ger…

Dear awesome people of Québec, please scrap your secular charter

Or at least the parts of it that tell people what they can and cannot wear to work. And any other bits of blatant nativism/racism that may have escaped the media firestorm around this staggering piece of bigotry-made-policy. I'm no expert in this but it seems to me the whole reason that we want to have a secular state is so that we can welcome and serve people of all ethnicities, cultures and religions. As they are.

Race and reporting: are we backsliding?

UPDATE: The Citizen has edited the online version of this story (haven't seen a print copy) to just use 'black' and 'white'. CBC has removed all references to race but notes that the victim shouted racial epithets at his killer. Two media outlets reporting a verdict in a trial. Some guys get drunk and pick a fight with some other guys, complete with baseball bats. There's a tussle and one of the picked-on guys grabs a bat from his tormentors.