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Postaday2011: the metapost

Around this time last year I heard about this meme aimed at reviving blogging as a 'thing' on the interwebs called Postaday2011. Guess what it was about. Yes. Well done. A commitment to put up one post per day in 2011. Sounded like fun. I'd done the same thing with a picture a day in 2009 so why not. After all, I figure I'm a better writer than a photographer.

A big box, tobogganing and happy birthday Irene

Mallory in the box

Most of the world knows today as “New Year’s Eve” but to our family it’s Irene’s Birthday. Our family began by another round of presents, for Irene this time. Mallory decided to give herself as a present, so Mallory and…


We had good skiing weather today, so Irene and I took Mallory cross-country skiing in Gatineau Park today. This is her third winter on cross country skis. Her second where she actually does some skiing. Our first attempt - pre-walking - was an unmitigated disaster. Our second effort was only a partial disaster.

Snow, firewood and giggles

Today was me squeaking in the smallest of chores, getting ready for hosting dinner with my cousin and her family, playing with Mallory and enjoying life. All in all a great day.

Suddenly snow

Snow day multi-tasking: making a snow angel while trying to catch snowflakesI was quite bummed to arrive yesterday and find the farm almost completely snow-free. Mother nature sorted that for us today. It snowed pretty much all day.

And up to the farm

Mallory and I threw a bunch of stuff into the car and drove off to visit Grandpa Mike today. Despite the Ottawa area getting 30 cm or so of snow last night the roads were clear and only slightly damp until 401. Then it got positively November-like. A scattering of snow, five degrees above zero, and dry roads.