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À propos of nothing

Mallory in Abbie's shirt A cute Mallory picture. The shirt used to belong to her cousin Abbie, who she doesn't see often but utterly adores.

Twenty questions

Mallory, her friend C and I played twenty questions at dinner tonight. What a hoot. But challenging especially when one of the players is but on the cusp of reading.

Lessons three days in a row

Lately Mallory's been quite sensitive and unhappy around her lessons. I know parents agonize about how much structured activity to give their kids outside of school and I guess Irene and I are just getting into it. We see all these things we think it'd be great if she could do and we sign her up. Only now we're seeing push-back.

The Cookie Race

Mallory took part in her first ski race today. A gruelling 500m event at Nakkertok they call the Cookie Race, Girls, 2006 birth year division. I was a touch nervous. I was never the racing - certainly not the racing winning - kind, and always felt bad when I didn't do well in races and things. I didn't want Mallory to feel the same way. But of course, Mallory is not me. She told me later she was nervous, but at the start line she seemed focused and serious. That's her in the pink hat, crossing the finish line.

Pyjamas marking the passage of time

Mallory likes to track her growth. So every month or so (sometimes two or three times a month) I get her to stand up against the door and I measure her. Sometimes the mark is a smidge higher than the last, sometimes it's as much as a centimetre. But it never seems like a lot. And because I see her practically every day, it doesn't register with me that she's growing, weed-like.