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Yes, you can pass a tooth through… you know where

I’ll spare you the photo and even the details but sufficeth to say that the tooth fairy believed the note, and the tooth caused no further complications or unhappiness. And I can already see the new one growing in.

Think she’ll buy it?

Much trepidation over the tooth that fell out during lunch and got swallowed. My reassurances were inadequate so she wrote the note. With help.

The pre-reading bookworm

Irene picked up a bunch of 'chapter books' aimed mostly at grade school kids from Boomerang Kids on Friday. Apart from demonstrating impeccable taste in child literature, Irene also demonstrate an uncanny read on the forecast.

Crazy hair day

Crazy hair day at day care today

Irene really outdid herself here. Tremendous hair coloration acumen.

Mallory on the day she started liking hummous

Mallory on the days she started liking hummousI was stunned. The three of us had gone swimming at Carleton that afternoon. We were back. Mallory was tired and hungry. Dinner was on the way. I'd gotten out the requisite sliced raw vegetables while the pasta cooked and the sausage warmed.