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Poo poo and pee pee I love you mommy and daddy

Irene and Mallory went to get school supplies late this afternoon. Included in the haul were some blank index cards which Mallory unearthed along with her new pencils and pencil case. After dinner, Irene and I were cleaning up and Mallory was busy with her new stuff.

Pinworms. Again again.

I'm just saying it to mark the occasion so we know for next time when the last time was. I've said lots about this topic already. Irene spent most of the day to day cleaning, doing laundry and putting our house into decontamination mode.

Father’s Day

I got some cool gifts from Mallory this morning as part of my Father's Day super breakfast. And I got to sleep in until 9am. Wow. I am feeling very lucky this evening.

Eighteen degrees

That's how cold the water was in the pool this evening. And still, Mallory and her friend C went for a brief swim, dunking their heads and all. Of course there was money at stake. But still. Quite brave these little kids.