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Mallory read to her parents tonight

cute-at-seven-reading Warning: braggy parent post trigger warning. At least I can promise I will keep it short. I wanted to mark the occasion. Mallory read ten pages of Charlotte's Web to Irene and I tonight. We were coaching her a bit but she was doing it.

Some moments in my life are truly awesome

Toboggan JumpMallory said this to me after we got back from her Oma and Opa's place this afternoon. Don't know what she was thinking of but I thought of her going over the jump Irene made for her on the hill in Opa and Oma's back yard.

Another year, another cookie

Mallory was in the cookie race again. No idea how she finished overall but she headed out strongly. I saw here smoke someone else from her heat climbing the hill and she tells me she came in second of all the girls she started with.


Mallory at seven Around this time in 2006 Irene and I were settling in to a room at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, tired, bewildered, but crazy, heart-bursting in love with our newborn child, Mallory.

Cast off

Mallory gets her cast off. Wondering what to do with this naked arm Mallory had her cast off at CHEO this morning. Her arm feels a bit tentative and as anyone who's ever had a cast remembers, the skin on her arm was pretty gross. But she's happy to be free of the thing. As am I.