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Achray to Squirrel Rapids

Detail, Opalescent Lake

The 2023 Dad-Daughter Canoe Trip I look upon all stages of my daughter’s life with joy and wonder. But this latest one is also quite handy. See this summer kiddo was a counsellor and trip guide at Camp Northway. Which…

Winning form

Mallory Jansen killing it at Coupe Skinouk

Mallory won her age division this afternoon at the Coupe Skinouk today. Of course I love my child no matter what and am pleased with any result so long as she tries her best. But… ah I’m totally giddy. Congratulations…


I cannot get my head around the idea that my daughter is ten years old.

My girl learns code

Few things in life give me more joy than walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter. One of them, which I experienced for the first time today, is walking down the street, hand in hand with my…


Mallory on waterskis
A happy reminder that my daughter is not me.