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Winning form

Mallory Jansen killing it at Coupe Skinouk

Mallory won her age division this afternoon at the Coupe Skinouk today. Of course I love my child no matter what and am pleased with any result so long as she tries her best. But… ah I’m totally giddy. Congratulations…


I cannot get my head around the idea that my daughter is ten years old.

My girl learns code

Few things in life give me more joy than walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter. One of them, which I experienced for the first time today, is walking down the street, hand in hand with my…

Handed in our notice at the day care

Mallory in the early days of daycare

For the last eight years every working day our daughter Mallory has been in the care and tutelage of the teachers at Glebe Parents Day Care. I still remember those days in July 2007 when I took Mallory to the…

First solo walk to school

Mallory enjoying hotel life

This actually happened Monday, but things were too squirrelly to note it then. However I cannot let this event go unmarked. Lately she’s been walking to school with her next door neighbour and friend C. Which has been great –…