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They closed the Commanda bridge for the winter

The Commanda Bridge: closed for winter. Surprise!

Sometimes I feel like I live in a city designed and built by people who drive everywhere. Even when they do build something for those people (eyeroll) who actually move themselves places, they do their level best to keep it…

Palaces for the people

Glebe Collegiate institute

We need to stop obsessing with ‘cheap’ if we’re going to get anything done. Ottawa’s LRT is a screaming example.

I’m thinking posted speed limits might help

I don't generally use my bike on Ottawa's multipurpose pathways. Because I heard somewhere that you're only supposed to do 20km/h on them. I prefer to ride faster than that. Once, while cycling on Colonel By (not five feet from one of said pathways) I had a motorist yell at me to get off the road and use the pathway.

I’m not too bothered by infill

This will lose me my shot at being editor of the Oscar, but I have to say it. I live in Old Ottawa South and I'm not too bothered by the infill and redevelopment of the housing in this neighbourhood. I read of the objections around roof lines, setbacks, the character of the neighbourhood, lack of front porches, prominence of garage doors that are chief among the grievances of those who oppose what they call overdevelopment and I just can't get excited.

Skate skiing at Mooney’s Bay: my new favourite thing

I had a 90 minute intro to skate skiing lesson this evening at Mooney's Bay ski centre and I think I've discovered my new favourite thing. Technically speaking this lesson was about free skating. No poles. The idea is to get the basics down - the stance, the weight transfer, the glide, etc. A perfect way to start: get the fundamentals right.

Property taxes got paid yesterday

The first installment. The dear hearts took it out of my account automatically. Sigh. I can't actually be terribly upset about it, actually. We get a lot out of it, our family. So in honour of the City of Ottawa taking a goodly chunk of change, I thought I would list what my family and I get out of the deal.