Punjabi Poutine — Jagmeet Singh thank you for changing my world

Punjabi Poutine
In October 2019, in a master stroke of campaigning genius the federal NDP let Jagmeet Singh out of the cloister of earnest policy pronouncements and righteous indignation with Punjabi Poutine. A short video about how to make a brilliant fusion of South Asian and Québecois cuisine. It's been a staple at my house ever since.

Missing: provincial social democratic party. Reward offered for safe return

The Ontario NDP must have some pretty compelling and unusual polling data that they're not sharing with the rest of the world. And why would they? It's so compelling and so credible that it's led them to bring down the Liberal government and force an election despite the fact that everyone else's numbers show them running third against two parties people like better, one of which makes Mike Harris look like Jimmy Carter.

Mulcair tells Flaherty to leave the free market alone

Jim Flaherty got all displeased today about Manulife Financial's plan to reduce its five year mortgage rate to 2.99%. I know. I'm falling asleep just typing it. Manulife got all contrite and repentant and declared that it would leave its rate where it was. I find if you pinch the palm of your hand, or maybe jab your wrist with the point of a pen it helps.

Pageantry and democracy

I expect a lot of my friends are in Toronto, being part of choosing the next NDP leader. I was following the theatre and speeches of the seven candidates on Twitter this afternoon and I must say I had mixed feelings. Mostly about pageantry, ceremony and its role in politics.

Sigh. I’ll say it. I don’t think Thomas Mulcair is a New Democrat

I've got friends and acquaintances in pretty much everyone's campaign these days. So I'm going to disappoint someone I'm sure when I say that I can't believe anyone who would be comfortable serving in Jean Charest's cabinet could turn around and call themselves a New Democrat and be taken seriously, much less be made leader.