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Cycling gear – I only review what I own. I’m not an expert, but I’m not a shill for the industry either. I ride a lot and like to ride fast. But I generally choose my gear so that I am comfortable and can ride without distraction.

Do wide tires make you faster – one rider’s experience

Bike with Compass tires

Now I’m just one numbers-obsessed rider. No expert. But I have been following with interest the whole inquiry into whether or not the road cycling religion of Skinny Tires and High Pressure Makes You Faster is actually true. And I…

Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves – barely there

Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves

It’s clearout season at all the gear stores. They’re making way for warm wooly stuff for winter, which means one can find deals on summer gear. Like another pair of fingerless gloves. Usually sizing and colour selection is a bit…

Bike gloves – hide the liver spots

Nose wipe? I ask you
Wherein I review all the warm weather, fingerless gloves I've ever used and wrecked. Including some I hope I don't wreck for a long, long time.