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December 6th: it’s been two generations

December 6th memorial

I confess to being at loss for words this year as I commemorate the 1989 massacre at École Polytechnique in Montréal. So much stuff — so many incidents of male violence against women — have been layered over it since…

December 6th: Constant progress, constant retreat

Sombre December 6th - geraniums wilting after growing all summer
We want to see progress to encourage ourselves to keep pushing for change. And yet we don't want to magnify a tiny step forward to give others the illusion that everything's fine. This is what I'm wrestling with on the 27th anniversary of the Montréal massacre.

Happy International Women’s Day

It's a token event, I know. Women hold up half the earth and there's just one day to celebrate them? Seems unjust. Now I hear the post-feminists and never-quite-made-it-to-feminists saying “yeah, but where's International Men's Day.” And I'm with ya, bros. I am. I really hope that some day we get to the point where an “International Men’s Day” would be appropriate. But there's a few things that have to happen first, namely: