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For better cycling infrastructure

1968 looks like a good year for infrastructure

I am going to lose friends for saying this but I never ride the Laurier Bike Lane. I hate it. Along the blocks I feel like I’m trapped in a tube from which there is no egress, meanwhile, pedestrians, crafty…

Lap the Gats – flat out bragging

GTG for Lap the gats
Not humble bragging. Nope. Just out and out bragging. Tempered by the fact that I didn't actually win. But I rode Lap the Gats today and came in third overall. Second in my age group.

Long grey day and bike as drying rack

What do you do with a forecast that calls for temperatures in the mid teens and a 40 to 60 per cent chance of rain. And what if you are supposed to ride the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour for six…

I hope I am up for this challenge

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour Challenge Roue: Me in 2004, in Kingston

About 12 years ago, just a few years after I had discovered how much I liked riding bikes, I decided to ride the Challenge route of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. At the time I wanted to test my limits.…