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Looking for your support

Support me as I ride for charity. Pleasea

We’re right into the cycling season now and it’s time for me to seek your help raising money for the Toronto Sick Kids Foundation and for Parkinson’s research at the University of Ottawa. I reckon I’m heading out into the…

Paugan Road closure: it’s real

Paugan Road: where is it closed

Parts of Paugan Road are closing while the Municipality of Denholm and the province spar over who should be responsible for the road after rainfall-driven floods washed out two stretches of the east-west road that links several West Québec towns.

Paugan Road closing for good?

I admit it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I like riding Paugan Road in Denholm Québec. The latest bout of severe rainfall and flooding has done away with more of it. The municipality is facing a $2.5 million…

Do wide tires make you faster – one rider’s experience

Bike with Compass tires
Now I'm just one numbers-obsessed rider. No expert. But I have been following with interest the whole inquiry into whether or not the road cycling religion of Skinny Tires and High Pressure Makes You Faster is actually true. And I decided to run my own tests. What did I discover? Wider tires won the series, but not all the games.

Lap the Gats: an 80km hilly crit

Waiting for the start: Lap the Gats

Lap the Gats. Done. I did well, I think. I cut about 8 minutes off my last year’s time, scored my top three results on the Fortune Parkway climb segment, and generally managed to stick with the lead group from…

Half way, a week away

Me, climbing the Fortune Parkway

Today my buddy Joel and I rode out to Dunrobin Shore and back — all in about 117km. I hit the half-way point for my yearly kilometre goal and I’m about half way to my Lap the Gats fundraising goal.…