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Bike trainers: one way to pedal when life intrudes

Sweating in the pain cave

A strange question for August in Canada — how do I choose an indoor bike trainer. But life intrudes and the question came from a friend whose work precludes riding at any time other than late at night. I have…

A dollar per kilometre: Great Canadian Cycle Challenge

This June I'm riding the Great Canadian Cycle Challenge to raise money to help the Sick Kids Foundation fight cancer. Participants pledge to ride a certain distance and raise a certain amount. I'm aiming to ride 1500km and raise $1500.

Cycling safety: attitudes before infrastructure

Spring Hill, Not Farmer's Way

There I was, riding south down Farmers Way. I was doing a workout, going somewhere between 36 and 40km/h — half the posted speed limit — in the middle of the southbound lane. If you don’t happen to know Farmers’…