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Metcalfe: 96km

So I actually got out to Metcalfe and back, unlike last week where I gave up after 49km.

Almost Champlain lookout

Champlain lookout is a good after work ride. It's a couple of hours, 50ish kilometres. You work out your frustrations climbing some narsty hills, you get wide eyed with glee as you tear back down at 60 km/h. That's when the road isn't covered in snow.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, June 7-8, 2003

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour: the Schwinn sadly misunderstood

A bike journey where the path is marked doesn't lend itself to a typical trip narrative. Or rather the sort of narrative it lends itself to would go sort of like this: I got on the bike in Ottawa. I started pedalling. I turned when they said turn. When I got to Kingston, I stopped. The next day, I got on the bike and came back.

Champlain Lookout, 54km

Wearing my new shoes on my new pedals. Will need to do some adjusting. I was so keen on having rigid carbon soles, I thought I'd tighten them as much as I could (all that extra efficiency). On the morning after, I think I can feel my feet again.

Metcalfe 97km

At first, I was tempted to bike around the block a few times to make this an even hundred. That, of course, was on the way out.