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I hit 2500km for the month today

Sentier des Voyageurs

I hit my Great Cycle Challenge Canada goal today on the way back from a two-loop tour of Gatineau Park. One day early even. I might take a rest day tomorrow as the weather is meant to be bad and……

Challenge completed

Champlain Lookout: Great Cycle Challenge Completed

This morning while Mallory was at ski practice I rode the last kilometres of my Great Cycle Challenge. A comfortably paced Gatineau Park loop with a bonus tour out toward the Aylmer marina. I ended up grabbing a few extra…

Now’s the time

Riding to fight kid's cancer

Expect emails from me. And selfies. Now is the time of year when I saddle up to raise money for Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital Foundation’s Great Cycle Challenge Canada.’ It’s my fifth time doing this virtual event where riders pledge…

A dollar per kilometre: Great Canadian Cycle Challenge

This June I'm riding the Great Canadian Cycle Challenge to raise money to help the Sick Kids Foundation fight cancer. Participants pledge to ride a certain distance and raise a certain amount. I'm aiming to ride 1500km and raise $1500.

Giving back at 50

You have your health you say?
For 50 years I've lived a pretty comfortable, privileged life. Time to give something back. I'm giving up my birthday up to fundraise for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.