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Death tolls and donations

I'm in awe of the state of aid-pledging for tsunami relief. I think it's a good thing (freed from any sort of political or economic context) that billions of dollars are pouring into the region to keep the death toll from rising, and to rebuild shattered nations. But there's something about all of it that doesn't sit right with me.

Jim Stanford is really funny

A progressive economist with a sense of humour. How often does that happen? Not nearly enough, IMHO. Over the years I've listened to lots of earnest, handwringing, utterly humourless lefty economist and social policy wonks shred common economic wisdom. But none has the effect of Jim Stanford's latest column at caw.ca (warning: inane splash screen).

Adbusters has truly lost it

I used to like Adbusters. Their slick, subversive funny piss-takes on advertising that hinted at a critique of capitalism kept me going back to their web site. But this NOW Magazine article has confirmed my suspicions.