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Bob Rae: lesson on squishing your enemies

Bob Rae has spent the year or so (at least) "studying" the problems of post-secondary education in Ontario. The usual problems: poor funding, rising tuition fees, pathetic student supports. His solution is higher tuition fees. How do I know this? His report was "leaked" to the Globe and Mail for its Saturday edition. Bob has learned how to spin, it seems.

Are we becoming a nation of prurient finks?

I can't believe some poor man in Nanaimo BC did four months in jail for masturbating in his own house. He was sentenced to jail for committing an indecent act after he was ratted out by two neighbours observing him through a chink in their blinds.

CIBC cries the crocodile’s tears

There's been much said this week of a StatCan report released this week that says the real incomes of working people have been stagnant (or declining) for the last fifteen years or so. Right wing commentators and "experts" have the predictable analysis (the answer is more of the same). But this CIBC press release is just over the top obnoxious.

If I shot myself in the head with a nail gun…

...I'd want health insurance. This wierd news story will no doubt end up all over the net for years to come but I wanted to highlight what for me seemed like the real punch line: Despite his lack of medical insurance and hospital bills between $80,000 and $100,000 (U.S.), Katerina Lawler said her husband is in good spirits.