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Joyless prosperity

Perennial rock band manager, pollster, pundit Allan Gregg is sourced exclusively in yesterday's Globe and Mail's lead story about the election. Normally I can't stand that sort of puffery and am incredulous at how 800 words of "Allan Gregg says" passes for journalism. But one thing he said offered a glimmer of truth.

The new ethnocentrism on CBC radio

Twice in the last couple of days I've heard CBC on-air types flouting some unpublicized policy against wishing listeners a "Merry Christmas" on air, with all the righteousness of a political prisoner released from a 20 year term. Michael Enright on Sunday's edition of that show that replaced Sunday Morning, and now "The Voice" on The Current. It's pissing me off.

Garbage pickup every two weeks would be fine with me

At first, I admit I was irritated. I saw the headline that the City of Ottawa was contemplating only picking up garbage every two weeks. "Another frigging cutback," I thought. But then I read the CBC story on City Council reducing garbage pickup and I thought again. Here we have Diane Holmes, the progressive councillor from a downtown ward (for whom I have boundless respect) arguing for the "cutback" and Jan Harder, the conservative councillor from an affluent suburb, arguing against.

Liberal largesse

Why doesn't anyone get angry about this stuff any more? Where are the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, demanding the overthrow of the government, the transformation of the capitalist system, the immediate reposession and melting down for scrap of all SUVs... Sorry. I'm really just focused on Ralph Goodale's pre-election goodie-dangling initiative.