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Two more years in Afghanistan

I'm quite horrified to read that we're staying in Afghanistan for two more years. The Polaris Institute (a progressive think tank) has a report on the cost of the war [PDF download, sorry]. It's a good summary of how far Canada's come from being a nation that supplies blue berets to the world's "difficult" spots. It details the huge cost of waging war on a country that you invaded. But the cost that concerns me is not so much the $4.86 billion, so much as the lives that have been lost or ruined, and the cost of losing the truth.

Who has the really dangerous jobs

During the recent hubbub about the Ontario government's move to reform the Ontario municipal employee's pension plan (aka OMERS), there was a lot of fuss about the "special deal" given to firefighters and police that would allow them to accumulate pension contributions faster so that they could retire earlier and get out of their dangerous jobs faster. But as it turns out, both lobbyists and lobbied were operating on a false assumption. In fact, as the CBC points out today, it's actually health care and social service workers whose jobs are much more likely to expose them to injury and even death.

Will this be the photo that undoes Stephen Harper?

Stephen and Solomon If this isn't it, there needs to be one. The guy just doesn't do kids. From seeing his own off to school with a hand shake to this. The CJAD story where I saw this photo is pretty kind (the caption calls "Choice in Child Care" a universal child care program incredibly enough), but Solomon Buster clearly sees through it. I hope everyone else does too.

Tories: here for a good time, not a long time

I've figured it out. The Tories are being incredibly astute. This week they've slashed funding for Kyoto Accord compliance programs by 80 per cent and muzzled a scientist who wrote a science fiction novel about post-climate change earth. Meanwhile, back in Parliament they've agreed to continue to fund some of the programs that got their funding from the doomed federal-provincial agreements on child care. The rhetoric around it is that they don't want any child care spaces eliminated as a result of their "Choice in Child Care" scheme.

Choice in National Defence

I mean, why not? We've got "Choice in Child Care" don't we? Let's say we gave every man woman and child in Canada about $275 every year and told them to go out and defend themselves.