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Getting to know Cuba in seven days

Me and the fam just got back from a seven day March break-ish vacation in Cuba. It’s the first time I’ve ever been. I loved it and would definitely go back for many reasons but mainly to discover more and…

They closed the Commanda bridge for the winter

The Commanda Bridge: closed for winter. Surprise!

Sometimes I feel like I live in a city designed and built by people who drive everywhere. Even when they do build something for those people (eyeroll) who actually move themselves places, they do their level best to keep it…

The enemy you deserve

I will probably lose friends over this. But I have to say something. There are dead kids on both sides of the war being fought between Israel and Hamas. But I think if you look at the totals you’ll see…

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

The Gerry and Smokey Show

I don’t know how else to interpret today’s media event wherein UNIFOR National President Jerry Dias and OPSEU President Smokey Thomas appeared in Milton praising Doug Ford’s plan to increase the minimum wage. It seems like they’ve thrown in the…

Punjabi Poutine — Jagmeet Singh thank you for changing my world

Punjabi Poutine
In October 2019, in a master stroke of campaigning genius the federal NDP let Jagmeet Singh out of the cloister of earnest policy pronouncements and righteous indignation with Punjabi Poutine. A short video about how to make a brilliant fusion of South Asian and Québecois cuisine. It's been a staple at my house ever since.

Palaces for the people

Glebe Collegiate institute

We need to stop obsessing with ‘cheap’ if we’re going to get anything done. Ottawa’s LRT is a screaming example.