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Edgar: 2000 – 2014

Edgar: 2000 - 2014My cat Edgar has died of acute kidney failure. He was 14. I think. Too soon, poor thing. I'm still quite upset because I didn't get to say good bye to him. I'm in London, looking after my sister who's been ill recently.

Traumatic stress on Besserer Street

Back in the late 1980s all the phones had cords. Long ones. Because you wanted to be able to walk around the entire raw concrete floored, fluourescent-lit, low-ceilinged light industrial space that was the Canadian University Press office of the day, while talking on the phone.


Mallory at seven Around this time in 2006 Irene and I were settling in to a room at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, tired, bewildered, but crazy, heart-bursting in love with our newborn child, Mallory.

Pink cast

Mallory and her shocking pink castMallory and I went to CHEO today for a follow-up x-ray and examination of Mallory's arm. And lo and behold she scored this stunning number. So Mallory has two weeks of this just-past-the-elbow cast. It's got more signatures on it now but it's every bit as radiant.

Buckle fracture

Buckle fracture: six weeks later the cast is off
Last Tuesday Mallory fell off a play structure at school when another kid slammed into her. She came home complaining of arm pain and when it was clear that it wasn't going away I put a tensor bandage on it. There was swelling, bruising, no numbness, reduced mobility and reduced hand strength.