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I heard my child’s heart beat

Irene and I went to our regular appointment at the Ottawa Midwifery Group yesterday. These appointments seem more like emotional check-ins than a medical proceedure. I quite like that, actually. I say this to indicate that I wasn't expecting anything big.

But at some point in the conversation, one of the midwives whipped out this thing that looked like an MP3 player with a flat ended microphone attached to it.

Have you heard your baby's heart beat?" she asked, a gleeful expression across her face.

"We can do that?" Irene and I asked in unison in a mixture of excitement and incredulity.

My right hand part two: overshare

So my date with the surgeon was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting a more solid, waterproof and less restrictive cast. What I got was a new daily... ahem... chore.

When I broke my arm in high school, for two weeks I had to deal with a bulky plaster cast that went past my elbow. Then they replaced it with a fibre glass cast that let me move my elbow. So I was expecting the same sort of thing Tuesday.

Not exactly. The surgeon took the tensor bandage off, took the cotton padding off (taking off one the newly-formed scabs, may I add, without so much as an apology. Surgeons should remember that not everyone is so blasé about blood and pain as they are.

My right hand

I've never had more difficulty writing anything than I had writing this. It is an emotional tale, full of pathos, anger and inspiration, but the real reason it's so hard to write is because I have a cast on my right hand.

I fear it may have inherited my forehead

Irene and I got to watch BabyTV for a few minutes earlier this afternoon. It was a grainy, black and white version of the dream sequences in Until the end of the world, but the ultrasound had us both mesmerized and in tears.

Companies that need communications skills

One of the things that needs doing on our new-to-us house is the roof. So we've been getting quotes from roofing companies. One that came recommended to us was Sanderson Roofing. But it won't come recommended to you, dear reader, for no other reason than the lousy way it deals with clients.