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Impending baby

Irene's membranes ruptured last night just after midnight. She's been having very mild contractions all day. Here we go.

The unknown gentleman

A heartening tale of a random act of kindness committed out in front of the Old Ottawa South location of Boomerang Kids. To the woman who fixed my infant car seat, wherever you are, thank you.

Grab an ice cube. Hold

Actual childbirth differs from childbirth on TV. This we know from two pre-natal classes. On TV, the woman screams hysterically, pretty much constantly, flailing about amid a sea of white coats and machines that go 'ping'. But real life labour, I'm learning, is not at all like that. I shouldn't be surprised. I laugh every time I see computers and the internet displayed in TV or movie plots. It should follow, given that storylines involving women in labour are written and directed by people (men) who've never gone through it, that fictionalized depictions of childbirth are similarly inaccurate.

It’s not ‘not feeling’ the pain…

"...it's not minding it." This line is attributed to Howard Hughes, and oft quoted from some movie about his life. At the time he's holding his hand over a candle flame or something, for kicks. I thought about this line while sitting in my first pre-natal class last night with Irene. We were having a small group discussion about pain and ways of coping with it.


I've been discharged from the Ottawa Hospital's outpatient physiotherapy program. I had my second appointment this morning and my physiotherapist was pleased enough with my progress that she felt I no longer needed to be tortured with more appointments.

Back on the bike

I biked to work today for the first time since my accident. I was very excited.