Tag life

Soundtrack of my life (tag)

Maurizio tagged me with one of those silly tag things. The trick is to use your iPod to generate a random list of songs which you apply to some particular stages of Your life - the movie. I don't actually own an iPod, but I'm enough of a geek that that didn't present a problem.

Baby hooky

I've been off work for the past few weeks now, acting as a sort of post-partum doula plus for Irene who's determined to overcome our breastfeeding problems and make sure every ounce of Mallory's nutrition comes from breast milk. This means pumping. Irene spends a good four or five hours a day strapped to a tasteful, pastel yellow pump, expressing breast milk into little plastic bottles. She's been at it since early January.

Getting babe to boob

This isn't really my story at all. But I would like to write it anyway because my partner, whose story this is, doesn't have a way of getting this story told. And it should be told. It's all about breastfeeding and how hard it is.

Baby waking hallucinations

It's night time here in Ottawa and I'm settling into the late evening thinking about the ever more familiar ritual of getting up for an hour or so a couple of times through the night to feed, comfort or change our month-old baby Mallory. I'm getting used to it. But I must say I'm not very good at being ripped from the kindly duvet-lined womb of sleep. In early days I went through several sessions, playing my role in a stupor. Never sure quite if I was awake or asleep I would rely on Irene to guide me to where I was needed: "Hold her while I pump." "Feed her while I pump." "Walk her until she sleeps."

The hardest thing I have ever done

Being a father to a three-week old child is most definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. I've never wrestled an alligator, defused a bomb or landed an Airbus blindfolded while on acid, but in terms of stress, physical effort, energy and emotion, this is it.