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Jessup's field. Tent farming on the Madawaska

Something about forty days and forty nights of rain

Motivated Marj, Energetic Ernie and Bouncy Barb put on their game faces for our first time on the water.


Joyful Jenn and Super-excited Sue. We all look a bit Star Trek, don't we.

Nice Nancy demonstrates proper power stroke technique.

Mellow Malcolm and Nice Nancy demonstrate turning...


...while we students stare in awe.

Dynamic Dot and Philharmonic Phil eddying in. Looks easy, no?

Motivated Marj, possibly less motivated about paddling at this moment.


Mellow Malcolm still paddling after the kids have gone to bed.

Dynamic Dot pushing green plastic through the torrent

Dynamic Dot pushing green plastic through the torrent


Traffic lights. Palmers was swarming with boats big, small and freaky

Lovable Lester making halusky, which is Slovak for "do we have any more pots?"

Dynamic Dot explains that the mess of sticks and rocks on the ground at her feet is a river.


Mmmmm halusky. What a treat to come off the river, damp and shivering, to such a good dinner.

Lunch time land session. We're gonna get moving again soon, right?

Joyful Jenn modelling the scuba suit.


Barb and Sue round the rock

The group: Notorious Nick, Mellow Malcolm, Energetic Ernie, Joyful Jenn, Motivated Marj, Joker Jerry, Lovable Lester, Super-excited Sue, Nice Nancy, Clever Chris, Dynamic Dot, Cool Claire, Bouncy Barb, Philharmonic Phil

Mellow Malcolm making the universal sign for "put your camera away and get over here."


Not just people with sticks in the water these two...

Sue and Barb round the rock