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These pages are the journal, photographs, notes and map information for a ten day trip my partner Irene Jansen and I took around Killarney Provincial Park, just south of Sudbury in Ontario's near north.

It's the longest canoe trip I've ever taken and the journal - how shall I say this - reflects that. However I've put the photos on a separate page so you can skip the narrative and get all the eye candy.

I think both of us learned a fair bit about lightweight canoe tripping, ourselves and each other. We wanted a physically challenging trip, but we also wanted time to soak up Killarney's scenery and enjoy a contemplative moment or ten per day.

The route is from the Friends of Killarney Park's canoe guide. It's a great publication, both for the route suggestions and for the how-to advice. As of writing, their online store isn't working, but that may change.

This is my trip journal. Irene has a few comments mixed in, and sometimes I pretend to speak for both of us, but if there's anything wierd, wrong or outrageous, blame me. If you have criticism, compliments or ideas, this site has a guestbook thing on each page. Use it or send me email. I won't send you spam, try to sell you anything or otherwise get in your face.

My regular web site has wilderness-related blog entries and links to my other journals.


Irene and I are fairly experienced canoe campers. Once upon a time I even had a canoeing instructor certificate. We figure we know what we're doing. But we make mistakes and do stupid things. Other trippers would consider some of the stuff we do inadvisable, if not dangerous. If you're going to do this sort of trip you need to know what you're doing. Rely only on my advice and you're taking unnecessary risk. So don't.

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