September 28-30, 2007


Trying to be brave

Trying to be brave Pretending the rain I'm feeling isn't bothering me. How'm I doing?

The boys

The boys Leaving Kioshkokwi. I'll play portage tag with them til about 1pm, then I won't see any more humans until late Sunday morning.

All those colours

All those colours And still drab. Harumph

Kioshkokwi to Little Mink

Kioshkokwi to Little Mink While waiting for the boys to clear the take out, I take the camera out.


Mushroom Seen on portage. Despite the rain I was excited enough to take my camera out in mid portage.

Shock of yellow

Shock of yellow Amid a sea of greens

Detail, Mink Creek

Detail, Mink Creek I think.

Detail, Mink Creek

Detail, Mink Creek Also, I think.

Mink Creek to White Birch

Mink Creek to White Birch Almost got a postcard picture.

Club to Mouse

Club to Mouse Rain let up a bit

Campsite, Mouse Lake

Campsite, Mouse Lake It'll do. It did.

Pissed about the rain

Pissed about the rain At least I made it here. And tomorrow won't be as tough.


Loons Not much in evidence on Mouse Lake.

Like the reflection

Like the reflection Mouse Lake

Mouse Lake

Mouse Lake Totally unPhotoshopped.

Sunrise, Mouse Lake

Sunrise, Mouse Lake Thank you Mallory, for getting me used to early mornings.

Sunrise, Mouse Lake

Sunrise, Mouse Lake Frustrating. How beautiful a scene it was, but I'm totally unable to capture it in a way that conveys just how beautiful.

Why pay for filters

Why pay for filters When the weather does it for you? Mink Creek, I think.

Mink Creek

Mink Creek Drop-frosted spruce trees.


Another "You had to be there" composition.

Maple Lake

Maple Lake Spunky the Squirrel, chowing down beside my unsuccessful trap.

Sunset, Maple Lake

Sunset, Maple Lake With (disappointingly quiet) loon.

Mare's tails

Mare's tails Maple Lake. Means you're in for at least another day of good weather.

Sunrise, Maple Lake

Sunrise, Maple Lake

Maple Creek

Maple Creek

Maple Creek

Maple Creek Does this seem familiar?

Maple Creek and Kioshkokwi

Maple Creek and Kioshkokwi Got wedged on a sandbar staring in awe at the colours. YHTBT.

See? Nice colours eh?

See? Nice colours eh?